Wendy Laker

is  the  Spark  behind Spark Creations.

Funktional Art

I’ve been a metal artist since 2000, but, in some form or fashion, I’ve been an artist my entire life.  I love to incorporate art into almost everything.  My passion is functional contemporary art. In lieu of purchasing furniture, fixtures, or anything for my home, I either create it myself or find an artisan who can create my vision.  The impetus for me to start creating art myself was my inability to find exactly what I was envisioning.  For me, art is as much of a feeling as it is form. Emotion is always preceded by the creation. My work mostly serves a function, but can also stand alone as an art piece -- hence, funktional art.  I changed functional to funktional, as a play on words, to further highlight the uniqueness of my creations.  In addition to my functional work, my love of gardening lead to my creating and purchasing of yard art.


Law & Artist

I’ve been a court reporter for over 30 years.  I love the irony of my two worlds: Law & Art. Court reporting is very exact and precise; whereas, art is a free flowing world of wonderment and creativity.  One is a profession, the other is a passion. Because of this polarity, I feel as though the creative process is richer and more layered. Over the years, I have encountered others like me. This is the catalyst for me to proceed with the idea of an event entitled Law & Artist.


Experience in art-related events

I am a founding member and original manager and director of the Mid-City Art Market -- which is now known as the Arts Market of New Orleans in Palmer Park.  Under my direction and management, what started out as a small market on a patch of grass at Carrollton Ave and Canal Street ultimately became the market it is today at Palmer Park, on Carrollton Avenue and Claiborne Avenue. Due to the tremendous demands of the market, I was unable to find the time to create art, but it was imperative that it remain a viable venue for artists to sell their wares and earn a living for years to come. So I approached the Arts Council of New Orleans and requested that they take over the running of the market.  Since relinquishing the market to the Arts Council, I have been involved in and asked to offer my expertise in other art events.



Pop-up events

Law and Artist, Doctor’s Artists and Left Brain, Right Frame of Mind -- in addition to other unique and surprising events -- are events that present art in a new, exciting and creative way. Each event highlights someone from a different category to be presented in a pop-up event, in a gallery setting.  However, I like to refer to these events as the un-gallery. Although I like visiting galleries -- and am always inspired when I visit them -- even the word gallery connotes something that is out of reach.  Spark’s pop-up events will be more interactive and approachable, especially given the fact that most of the events will feature what I will refer to as “hidden” or “secret” artists.  In most cases, these are individuals who are no different than anyone else in the work force, with the exception of a hidden talent. There will be other artists represented throughout the gallery, in addition to the featured artist for the event. There is also a commercial kitchen attached to the gallery, where culinary arts will be featured.

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